Sunday, February 5, 2012

Men, Do Tell: Long or Short Hair?

My grandpa shared this tidbit of wisdom with me over Skype the other day: “Miss Karlyn,” he said, “let me tell you a secret . . . boys like girls with long hair. It’s a feminine quality. It draws them in.” Thanks, Grandpa. Just because a girl cuts her hair doesn't mean she is trying to be masculine. I actually thought he would disown me when I chopped off all my long hair three years ago. So, what is it with guys and long hair? And is this an old-fashioned ideal, or does it prevail today?

So, I got my hair cut this week, trimmed rather, and my roommate got hers cut the same day. Naturally, being the giddy girls we are, we discussed possible hair cuts. She has pretty long hair, and she was contemplating chopping it off, which I am completely down for, obvi, but she was really unsure. One of the reasons she didn’t want to cut it was because she was afraid GUYS WOULDN’T LIKE HER WITH SHORT HAIR. She is gorgeous! There’s no reason a guy shouldn’t like her! Are guys really dumb enough to snub a beautiful, intelligent girl just because she looks GREAT with short hair? Or do they just stop at the intelligent part? But that’s another blog post . . .

I feel like guys have become a lot more okay with a variety of hair styles, and most I’ve talked to say that it depends on the girl, though their default preference is still long hair. But one (who will remain nameless) told me that if my hair (which is barely to my shoulders) were an inch shorter he would immediately be unattracted. Really? An inch? Okay, I admit, short hair isn't as fun to run your fingers through as long hair, but it can still be sexy. For example, Emma Watson has recently gone with the pixie cut and she looks amazing. Then again, she would look good wearing a meat dress. As a girl I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the short do, but at the same time I do recognize that she could be considered more attractive with longer hair. But heck, look how sexy short is on her!

So, guys, I need your help here. I’m perfectly secure with the length of my hair, no problem there, but if a girl wants to cut her hair she shouldn’t have to worry that some guy she might like won’t like her because she rocks a bob. Maybe this is no longer true of the overall male outlook, but even so, we girls still seem to be fed this stereotype. I also have the feeling that a lot of guys have a stigma against girls who dye their hair. Again, with the exception of the extremes where a girl goes with the super trashy-looking bottle blond or other skin-tone-clashing colors. I’m really curious to know where the young male population stands these days. Take my survey below (guys only, please) and let’s find out:

Men, Do Tell: Long or Short Hair?: A survey to dispel the general assumptions . . . or to confirm them.


  1. Ugh, I can't stand such lameness from women. Really? You won't do anything to your ridiculously long hair because MEN won't like it? So do you get dressed every day based on what men like? Do you put on make up in man-approved ways? Your appearance is not about getting a man's approval! And you wouldn't want to date a guy so dumb as to only like you for your long hair!!!